What is the best flight search engine?

What is the best flight search engine?

Which provider is the best for your flight search? How do you find the really cheapest flight where everything is right? That’s exactly what various flight search engines deal with, all promising the best price, the most affiliated airlines, and so on.

Whether they really keep what they say – that is, find cheap flights – we test in our comparison of flight search engines. To do this, I entered these frequently searched flight connections into 10 flight search engines.

What came out of it, on which pitfalls of the flight search engines you should pay attention, we tell you everything here. By the way: By choosing the right flight search engine, you can quickly and easily save up to 70%, so a comparison is worthwhile! At the very end, we have the best tips for you on how to find the cheapest flights in general.

What is the best flight search engine in comparison?

I tested the 10 most popular flight search engines you can find with a Google search (I wanted to compare a realistic scenario and not some nerdy sites that no one knows about). In the end, I compared the winning airline’s flight prices from the flight search engines directly to the price on the airline’s official website to see if you were really saving.


These are the things that stood out to me as positive

My comparison winners with the lowest deviation from the best price are Flightscanner (4.90%) and Momondo (4.91%)

My overall winner is Momondo (score 1.13) before Flightscanner (score 1.16) for the middle route and for both long-haul routes, the first 7 results are just 4% different in total prices.
These are the things I noticed negatively

Check24’s flight comparison site performs extremely poorly because they charge a fee of 39.98 EUR on every booking.
in none of my tests was the comparison price of the respective airline cheaper

The sites Airscanner.io, Skyscanner.de, and CheapTickets.com. are all consistently not good and only achieve a favorable airfare if you book their own fee-based credit card in addition (my tip: DO NOT do this – in my comparison of credit cards you can see which ones are really good)
Make sure you don’t subscribe to Opodo (a similar model as Amazon Prime) because these results are shown as the first search result.

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