Interested In PMI PMP Certification? Here’s All You Need To Know

To begin with, the Project Management Professional (PMP) is a globally acclaimed, and widely sought certification that is offered by the Project Management Institute or just PMI. This reputable organization is known worldwide, as it offers numerous certifications that will help you build your project management career. This also refers to the PMI PMP badge. Through it you can confirm yourself as an invaluable asset able to complete tasks concerning project management.

At the same time, the PMI PMP credential is capable of opening many doors that lead to a vast world of fulfilling career and professional opportunities. So, based on this, the useful major information you need to take note of for earning the concerned qualification is discussed in this article.

How to Become a Project Management Professional Certificate Holder

As you realize, to successfully earn the PMP qualification, just like many certifications out there, there is an associated exam that you need to pass. That’s because this concerned official test will serve as the means of evaluating, and also validating you as a dependable professional in terms of leading and executing key organizational projects.

However, it is critical to note that registration for this PMP evaluation comes with an enrollment fee of $405 for PMI members and $555 for non-members. What’s more, this exam involves 180 questions of various types to be completed within 230 minutes.

Anyway, passing the PMI PMP exam is not merely necessary for you to obtain the concerned certificate, but quite paramount for you to prove your grit and mettle, and ultimately enjoy abounding career benefits. For more visit

How Do You Ensure to Pass the PMP Exam?

As already noted above, you cannot earn the Project Management Professional qualification without first passing its related exam. Therefore, it becomes important that you go through necessary preparation processes such as:

  • Carefully study all important details of the PMP exam, such as timing, question types involved, requirements, etc., as it’s the basis of any preparatory process. As a result, you will be familiar with the evaluation format in advance.
  • Ensuring to have the recommended experience level which includes either: (1 option) a 4-year degree, 3 years leading projects, as well as 35 hours of training in project management or PMI CAPM certificate; OR (2 option) a school-leaving certificate or an associate’s degree, 5 years experience in leading projects, plus 35 hours of project management studies or PMI CAPM certificate.
  • Make good use of the officially provided prep materials, such as the training courses, study guides, FAQs, and the like.
  • Take advantage of appropriate dumps for the PMP exam, which can be gotten from reliable third-party vendors.

Why Apply for and Attain this Certification Though?

In much the same way as the global standing of the PMI PMP qualification cannot be downplayed, the reason why you need to gain this certificate for the right career boost cannot be overemphasized too. To be specific, when you have the PMP badge on your CV list, you will enjoy the chances of working in such high-demand job roles as Project Manager, Project Executive, Team Lead, Business Analyst, and more. Even interestingly, records that the average annual salary that can be enjoyed with the PMI PMP certification is the sweet sum of $108k. For more visit


Indeed, considering everything that has been said above, you will agree that the PMI PMP certification is one that you should not miss. As such, you should ensure that you take the necessary steps towards earning it. That’s because you can’t take any chances with your career growth. So, what are you waiting for?