What is an AI camera and how does AI photo editing work?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is everywhere, and if you don’t have an AI smartphone yet, you probably will soon. Even your phone’s software uses AI to make decisions on your behalf. Adobe’s just-launched Photoshop camera uses AI to identify objects and scenes in your images and suggest “lenses” (digital effects) for comic and creative effects.

Is this all just marketing hubris, or is AI in a smartphone – and especially in its camera – something we should all aspire to? As the term, AI is increasingly used not just in camera phones, but in all types of cameras, it’s worth knowing what AI actually does for your photos.

AI has blurred the lines between image capture, image enhancement, and image manipulation. It’s being used in photo processing to blend, enhance and “augment” reality, to make smarter object selection, adjust processing parameters to match the subject, and help you automatically find images based on the content of your photos rather than manual keywords and descriptions. It already checks what you are photographing and makes its own decisions about how to handle it.

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